The Markham buying team briefed the second year Fedisa students to design summer trend capsules for their menswear module. The capsules will need to incorporate three of the season’s key trends: Luxe Evolution, bold denim and 50s-inspired smartwear.
The students will showcase their hard work at the Fedisa Fashion Flash on 3 September 2015 at the Fedisa Fashion Deck at 17:30. Judges from Markham will choose the winners who will be awarded with TFG vouchers and a one week internship at Markham.
An entrance fee of R20 will go towards the Fedisa Creative Leaders Trust.



We caught up with one of our models from the Express Luxe campaign and asked him a few questions on shoot day. 

Prince D Jackson
How long ago did you start modeling?
I started modeling at the age of 22 and have been doing it full-time for the past two years.
Where are you from?
I was born in Cape Town and grew up in Congo, so feel as if I have two homes. I haven't been back to Congo in a long time but I’m really looking forward to returning for a holiday there in summer.
Are you more of a summer or winter kind of person?
It’s pretty 50-50 but if I had to choose I'd pick summer as it gives me a bigger variety of clothing to work with.
It always comes back to fashion! So is your wardrobe is more tailored towards summer?
Pretty much – some of my favourite items are designer lightweight jackets that I like to wear in summer.
What would you say is essential for your spring wardrobe?
White belted chinos - I advise every man to have a pair. You can go anywhere with them and can wear them formal and casual. They’re a definite must-have. Make sure you rock them with a pair of white sneakers and exposed ankles.
What was your favorite outfit from today’s shoot?
The second outfit of the day, the sporty grey-on-grey look is spot on with my personal style. My next best was the smart casual look with my favourite white chinos, paired with a textured shirt, blue blazer and white sneakers.

 What is your favorite spot in Cape Town?

Hands down my favorite day spot is Mixas on Kloof Street for a great breakfast and free wifi. The best nighttime spot is Waiting Room, for its great underground hip hop.
Are you a sporty kind of guy?
My friends and I like to swim and stage competitions against each other at the Seapoint swimming pools. We also love to play soccer.


 Looking back at our favourite looks fans tagged us in in July – looking great in your @MKMStyle guys!



Freshen up your look by styling your straps around your waist. This will give you an opportunity to play around with layering with the top half of your outfit. Last but not least pin roll the bottom of your dungaree.